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Product name:Large well type
Product brand:cryogenic
Product origin:beijing

Product overview

China's first largest cryogenic processing equipment was manufactured by our company in October 2008.This equipment is mainly used in:aerospace,Large roll, large screw.

Equipment Size: φ2000 * 10000mm.

Technical parameters

Working temperature: +200℃ - -196℃ can be set;
Maximum cooling rate:≥20℃/min ;
Maximum heating rate:≥20℃/min
Accuracy of temperature control: ± 2℃ ;
Temperature uniformity: ± 2℃;
Touch screen + PLC control mode, you will have a real-time monitoring of temperature inside.

Twocontrol system: manual and automatic, reliable and easy to operate.

A PID regulator can ensure the temperature precision. And the temperature curve can be viewed on the touch screen, the data can be saved and derived.