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Application of cryogenic processing

The article citations:Cryogenic (Beijing) Science & Technology Co. Ltd. editor:管理员 Click on the:139 Published time:2016-11-17 10:13:56

There are several categories of industrial applications and representative parts:

Paper and Corrugated Board Industry

Chipper knives       Slitter knives

Envelope dies        Tape cutters

Refiner disks         Paper drills


Metalworking Industry

Mill cutters          Ball screws

Forming tools        Punches

Broaches            Drills


Plastics Industry

Trimmers         Dies

Mill knives        Feed screws

Granulating blades


Performance Vehicles

Crankshafts       Pistons

Brake rotors       Blocks

Push rods         Cams



Other Applications

Copper electrode       Gun barrels

Sporting goods         Razor blades

Musical instruments     Plastics